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Simmons Consulting is wholly independent. We are not tied to any group, institution or larger holding corporate entity that may unduly influence our advice. We work entirely for our clients and their interests.

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With long experience from working in a dynamic and changing environment in the UK dating back to 1984, we witnessed massive regulatory change in the financial service industry and tremendous peaks and calamitous crashes in the investment markets which effected all levels of society. Financial planning should take account of not just the times of high growth and surplus but also the inevitable down periods where capital and investment bases can be severely threatened. Simmons Consulting offers a long partnership to investors no matter what financial climate we find ourselves in anywhere in the world. 

The basic principles of our service we provide our clients are to:

  • Promote wealth and protect assets.
  • Provide clear and simple solutions to client’s wealth management needs.
  • Provide advice to clients we use ourselves.
  • Provide a sophisticated, highly secure and flexible client and broker inter-active Internet based platform, allowing access to all investments, banking, personal details anywhere you have an internet connection 24/7. All investments are updated daily providing further intelligence reporting on virtually any fund in registered stock markets throughout the world.
  • Agree realistic and achievable investment target horizons with our clients.
  • Use only secure, established regulated investment platforms located in Triple ‘A’ rated UK financial centres around the globe.
  • Maintain and improve through professional development, regular study and examinations in the areas we operate.


All specialists who work alongside Simmons Consulting hold relevant professional qualifications and have established experience in their chosen field.

We encourage all our partners to take the relevant industry exams if not already held and to build their knowledge.

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